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Quick access to your favorite Big Fish games

Big Fish Games App is a hassle-free program to download, manage, and play the games developed by Big Fish. While you can download the games manually, it takes a good amount of time to go through a huge selection of titles, including Big Fish Casino and Fairway Solitaire. On the other hand, BFG App gives you quick access to your favorite Windows games from a centralized tool

The software also lets you delete and update the games downloaded on your PC.

An easy-to-use app for managing your Big Fish games catalog

Compared to GameLoop and Steam, which either emulate the Android gaming experience on Windows or provide a collection of heavy-duty titles, Big Fish Gaming App is a simple gaming manager. It lets you browse through a large catalog of games developed by a leading gaming company. 

If you’re looking for Big Fish games download, there’s no need to conduct manual searches online. With this program, you’ll get access to various popular games within a couple of clicks. 

Big Fish Games App is a well-known name among casual PC gamers from around the world.

How’s the interface?

While there are several programs to update, manage, and delete games from your PC, none match the standard set by Big Fish Games App. Compared to Game Manager and other tools in this category, BFG App focuses on ease-of-use. It offers a quick way to explore new games from the developer.

The gaming app features some tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. In the center, you’ll be able to notice a large listing area, which will display available titles in the form of thumbnails. The intuitive ‘search’ function is always available at the top of the screen.

Users can navigate through the tabs without any issues with easy access to large-sized icons. The application is responsive, fast, and makes sure that you can download or purchase games on the platform with a simple process. 

Everything you download instantly goes to the ‘My Games’ tab.

How does Big Fish Games App work?

The desktop version of the program comes with three basic functions, i.e., New Ways of Playing, Downloaded Games, and Find New Games. Each functionality has been prominently listed on the ‘home’ screen. 

With the ‘New Ways of Playing’ button, you get the ability to enter an online casino or discover some free-to-play titles from the developer. This feature also focuses on rewards, incentives, and other aspects, so you can spend more time on the application.

The ‘Find New Games’ button lets you navigate the large catalog of Big Fish games. As mentioned earlier, the tool has a search function, which you can use to look for specific titles. 

The best part about this feature is that you’re not only able to find computer games, but explore the Android and iOS catalog as well. Once you’ve found a preferred game, you only need to click the download button to install the title on your device.

Finally, the ‘Downloaded Games’ option displays the list of already downloaded or installed games on your PC. This is the most useful option since you can use it to update or delete games as well.

The entire Big Fish ecosystem focuses on developing kid-friendly games. With privacy and security quite high on the priority list, the application doesn't feature any social interaction platforms or integrations within the software. 

The main focus is on playing, downloading, and browsing through Big Fish games conveniently. The application is completely free and has been optimized for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 PCs. Since it’s a lightweight program, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected crashes or lags.

Save time you’d spend on looking for games manually

If you’ve always been a fan of casual Windows games, Big Fish Games App will be an excellent choice. The intuitive search function makes Big Fish games download a simplified task. You can update, delete, and manage downloads from the software’s centralized dashboard-style screen.

While the application doesn’t support any social interactions, it’s backed by a solid community of game developers, influencers, and users from around the world. Available for Windows, Android, and iOS, Big Fish Games App is a must-have for every casual gamer.


  • Offers simple interface
  • Features huge collection of games
  • Intuitive search function
  • Lets you manage downloaded games


  • Lack of social interaction

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Big Fish Games App for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.7

  • (208)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Big Fish Games App

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    I have been using BIG FISH for several months, and HIGHLY recommend them!!!.
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